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The class connects fundamentally sound coaching techniques with a simple performance management system. To be successful in any area of collections, collectors and managers must clearly understand what is expected. They must have the information available to assess and validate their performance against the expectations. There must be people in place to coach and develop individuals in areas where skill gaps exist. Lastly there must be a solid reward and recognition process to reinforce the right behaviors.

In addition, we reinforce the approach that each person owns their own performance. The objective is to help managers create the expectation that each collector should define their own output and explain how they will deliver. The ultimate goal is for a manager to have a team of collections business owners that drive their own performance, while the manager removes barriers, provides skill enhancement and direction to enable each collector to deliver their optimal performance.

The class is divided into multiple sections that include significant open discussion and exercises. The final exercise is a role play opportunity to practice the concepts in the class.

Two to three weeks after the class, each participant will have the opportunity to execute a live coaching session with a person on their team with the instructor virtually shadowing the session. The participant will be scored on the concepts of the class and provided direct feedback.

The combination of the training material, class discussions, exercises, virtual follow up session, and exposure to people from multiple organizations, will provide for a great training experience for any collections manager.

"Coaching isn't an addition
to a leaders job,
it's an integral part of it."
- George S. Odiorne

   Collection Management Training
Teaching collection managers and supervisors techniques for maximizing performance of collectors Compliance, Coaching and Accountability.

Instructor: Ken Evancic
A course for the first two levels of management in your collection organization.
Collection Management Training 2-Day Class Announced! (Minimum Class Size 8)
Teaching collection managers and supervisors techniques for maximizing performance of collectors Compliance, Coaching and Accountability.

Do your top 20% of collectors bring in 80% of your dollars? Is it reasonable that collectors should deliver 50% of what your top performers deliver? Learn what happens in most collection organizations, and how to improve performance and results in yours. What if you had the coaching tools to engage that magic middle of performers, reduce attrition, as well as increase abilities and span of control for front line managers? Coaching for Optimal Collections Performance teaches front-line collection supervisors and managers the fundamentals necessary for working with both experienced and inexperienced collectors - providing the knowledge and tools necessary to coach and develop the team to maximize collection performance.

Class participants can expect to learn how to:
  • Understand the four key elements of supervision and management, with successful techniques for Setting Expectations, Measuring and Monitoring, Coaching and Development, and then Reward and Recognition.
  • Focus on profitability - identify which collectors to invest time and energy in, identifying the engaged and disengaged.
  • Leverage tools to challenge the magic middle - increasing dollars from the same individuals.
  • Maximize collector's time and your time - increasing the workable span of control, and subsequently, profits.
  • Understand the value of culture and collector ownership.
  • Ensure the right behavior, and watch results soar!
Price $1295 first attendee, $1095 additional attendees from the same company.

The training is a 2-day session with peers across the industry. In addition to the formal training, each participant will complete the training with a one-on-one coaching shadow session with the instructor.

Substitutions allowed from your organization.
Custom and Suitcase Classes available on request.
Gain maximum value by scheduling a custom class for your team at your location.
For more information, contact us at: (562) 906-1101 or info@resourcemanagement.com.
Vice President, Resource Management Services, Inc.

Ken Evancic is a collections veteran with over 25 years experience. He has managed all phases of collection, including all levels of delinquency, automated dialer units, early out agency management, recovery, and skip tracing. In addition to collections operations management, he has lead initiatives in the areas of performance management, collections strategy development, collector and manager training, collector desktop design, collections reporting systems, and risk and compliance.

As a consultant for Resource Management Services, Inc., Ken has specialized in developing and completing third party compliance and performance audits for collections agencies and collection attorney firms for many top credit grantors and debt buyers. He has leveraged his 25 years of experience to develop multiple collector and collection management training classes designed to maximize collector performance. In addition to collection training, Ken helped develop and facilitates the RMS Third Party Vendor Auditing training.

Prior to joining Resource Management Services, Inc., Ken spent over 20 years with Citi starting as a collector and working throughout collections as a Front Line manager, Vice President Collections Operations Manager and Sr. Vice President and Collections Director.

  • Proven models to establish and validate top performing expectations
  • How to identify your engaged and disengaged collectors so you can focus on that profitable magic middle
  • How to turn MIS into information that will be used to assess performance and turn collectors into owners of their effort
  • Multiple techniques that managers will use to reinforce collector ownership enabling them to be in control of their effort
  • How to prove to managers that they can create a culture where they will have more time to impact more collectors
  • How to reinforce an objective use of reward and recognition tools to ensure the right behavior and results
Also included is a follow up session for each participant to ensure they understood the program and are able to deploy with their team.

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