Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Dialer Overview
Purpose of this Book
Misunderstandings About the Dialer
Common Terms

Chapter 2: Rules and Regulations
Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991
Automatic Dial Announcing Devices
Telecommunications Act of 1996

Chapter 3: Selecting A Dialer
Selection Committee
Current and Future Business Initiatives
Dialer Basics
First Meeting Discussion
Site Visits

Chapter 4: Collectors and the Dialer
Collector Skill Set
Human Resource Concerns

Chapter 5: Managing the Dialer
Creating Calling Campaigns
Analyzing Active Campaigns
Analyzing Completed Campaigns
Managing Costs

Chapter 6: Quality, Productivity and Performance
Quality Controls
Productivity Measurements
Performance Issues
Productivity Reports

Chapter 7: Auditing Third-Party Vendors
Automatic Dial Announcing Devices
Value of Documentation
Results Code Definitions
Dialer Campaign Issues
Work Effort
Measuring Results